what is screen mirroring

what is screen mirroring: – In today’s post, we are going to tell you about screen mirroring. So, friends, we must read this post till the end. All of you have smart LED TVs, android smartphones in your home. Let’s see what is screen mirroring.


what is screen mirroring?

Screen mirroring is known as screencast or miracast. This mirroring is a major innovation. Which is also called wifi HDMI. This was done in 2012 by google in the android operating system. After that, in 2013, Samsung added miracast (screencast) feature in tv.

That is, you can see the mobile screen over your TV via wifi. After casting on the phone’s screen tv, you can watch youtube videos, movies, games directly on your smart tv. But you will get this feature only on LED smart television and you will not get to see this feature in the old LED.

In this feature you get wifi. You cannot cast the entire screen using this wifi direct. But in this, you can only see the video of the default video player of the mobile phone.

If you guys want to take screencast on any LED. So you can get an HDMI wifi device of chrome cast on amazon. With which you can enjoy screen mirroring android to TV on the LED TV.

How to cast android screen to smart tv?

Before understanding this, it is important to know step by step android how to cast phone screen to smart tv.

1. Go to TV’s remote control and press source or menu.

2. Then select screen mirroring / mirocast / screen cast in the source or menu.

3. After that go to android smart phone notification panel and tap on screen mirroring.

4. Then a window will open in front of you, in which you will see the name of smart tv.

5. You have to tap on it and select it.

6. Then both your android phone and smart tv will be connected to each other.\

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