What is Search Engine

What is Search Engine Nowadays everyone searches for something or something on google google is a type of search engine. In today’s post What is Search Engine, we are going to give complete information about search engine.

Nowadays, all people search on google to get a solution to small big problem. Let’s see What is Search Engine

What is Search Engine
What is Search Engine

What is Search Engine

Search engine a Software , which gives internet users World Wide Web Helps in searching for information on . Such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu and Yandex etc.

When users type a word in the search bar, it is called Keyword. Based on the same keywords and key phrases, a long list of web results is displayed in front of search engine uses.

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In the search engine, in the form of website link, image and video, we show the content list of results. So that page is called Search engine result page (SERP) .

Before reaching this page of a website like you have to search on Google search engine by typing “ What is Search Engine in Hindi “. The search engine written in it is a Keyword. From which the search engine finds out what the user wants to know about.

The rest of the sentence is called Key phrase. Which helps google or other search engines to show the best match result. So Search Engine is a service that can access through the Internet.

It searches that information from the information database based on the query of the user and puts such results in front of us using Algorithm. In which we were able to get the exact result of our query.

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Type of search engine

There are four types of search engine: –

  • Crawler Based Search Engines
  • Directories
  • Hybrid Search Engine

Crawler Based Search Engines

All these crawler-based search engines use Spiders, crawler, robot and bot programs to crawl and index new content in a database. Before showing any website in search results, it follows four steps, crawling, indexing, calculating relevancy and retrieving the result. These types of search engines are the most useful.

Crawler Based Search Engine Example:



Web directory is also known as subject directory. This is a type of directory system. It lists websites based on category. If a website is about what, a small description of it is also given. The owner of the website submits his own website in these directories.

There is also a search box in these directories. By putting your query on which you get links to those websites. Who gives information about this This type of search engine is fully human operated.

Directory Based Search Engine Example:

Yahoo Directory

Hybrid Search Engine

This is a mixture of Crawler and directory based search engines. Google or other Crawler based search engine uses crawler as primary mechanism and directories as second mechanism.

The search engines coming in this category can show you the details of the webpage from both Crawler and Directory in their results. This is a good option where you can get human driven results and crawler results on the same search engine.

Hybrid Based Search Engine:


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