What is Solid-State Drive (SSD)

What is Solid-State Drive (SSD) Most of us use hard disk (HDD) as storage devices to store the file and data (information) of computer and laptop

What is Solid-State Drive (SSD)
What is Solid-State Drive (SSD)

But for some time, Solid State Drive (SSD) has taken its place. Experts of the computer also ask you to take Solid-State Drive (SSD) in place of HDD for better performance. Let’s see What is Solid-State Drive (SSD)

What is Solid-State Drive (SSD)?

Solid-State Drive (SSD) is a hard drive. Which has no moving parts. It uses a traditional hard drive or HDD, a spinning disk to store data.

Its data is retrieved using the read and write head on the mechanical arm. Because HDDs have moving components. Which is the actual risk of mechanical failure in the life of the device. And SSDs do not have moving parts.

Semiconductor Chips are used to store data in them. Solid State Drive uses a type of Flash Memory (NAND Chip); to store and receive data. This is why SSD is faster than traditional Hard Disk Drive. And also uses less power.

If the HDD computer takes 40 Seconds to boot-up. So SSD can do this in 10 Seconds. But HDDs cost more than SSDs.

Therefore even today high hard disk is used as storage devices in computer.

Advantages and disadvantages of having SSD in computer

By now you guys must have known that SSD is better in terms of performance. So let’s know what are the advantages and disadvantages of having a solid-state drive instead of a hard disk on the computer.


An electrical circuit is used instead of a mechanical part in SSD. For this reason, the data access speed is in a microsecond. In which Faster than the HDD Creates memory. If your computer has SSD as Secondary storage. So whenever you open any software, it will not take any time to do so.

Power Consumption

There are no mechanical moving parts in it. This is why SSD consumes very little power. Due to this, there may be a slight reduction in your electricity bill. Apart from this, you will see that there is Solid State Drive, they provide a lot of Good Battery Life in the laptop.

Reliable and Durable

SSDs are stronger and Lasting than HDDs. If ever your laptop suddenly falls, in such a situation the SSD does not suffer that much damage and your data is safe.

Storage Capacity

If you need storage to store data. So now you will not get to see Solid-State Drive with storage capacity.

Storage capacity in the market – 128 GB and 256 GB. If you need more storage to store data. Then you should use Hard Drive or any External Storage


This is why Hard Disk is used in Desktop and laptop. Because it is cheap. The price of Solid State Drive is very expensive. The price of Solid State Drive is much more expensive than this.

Less Noise

It is a Non-mechanical storage device. Hence Solid-State Drive does not generate any kind of noise. You people noticed that the computer makes a lot of noise while running. Because there is a hard disk in it.

Difference between HDD and SSD

How to know if computer has SSD or HDD?

After knowing the meaning of Solid-State Drive, if you want to see if your computer has Install secondary storage device, SSD or HDD, then read the below mentioned method for it.

1. Pass the Window + R Key to the keyboard simultaneously.

2. Then the window of Run box will open on the screen.

3. Enter it by typing “dfrgui” on the search bar.

4. Now the Disk Defragmenter’s Window will open on your screen.

5. Then your drive is Solid-State Drive or Hard Disk. To know this, look in the Column of Media Type.

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