What is Telescope| type of telescope

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What is Telescope type of telescope
What is Telescope type of telescope

What is Telescope

The telescope is one such machine. Through which we can see the distant object. Like anyone standing in any building can see. The telescope is used to look at the moon or any other planet. Different telescope is required to see these things.

The focus of the telescope objective lens and eye lens is very different. The focus of the objective lens is more than that of the other eye lens.

“Any object that sees and assesses an object is called a telescope”

Type of telescope

There are two types of Telescope.

  • Refracting Telescope
  • Reflecting Telescope

Refracting Telescope

Objective lens is used in the Refracting Telescope. It also has two types.

  • Astronomical Telescope
  • Terrestrial Telescope
Astronomical Telescope

The Astronomical Telescope is used to view the Celestial body. The telescope was discovered by Hanse Lippershey. The telescope was then made by Galileo. The astronomical Telescope with 90X to 120X is used to see the moon. But in this the image becomes inverted.

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Terrestrial Telescope

The terrestrial telescope is used to view any distant object on Earth. The terrestrial telescope is used to view the sea far into the sea. Like Captain Jack Sparrow

Reflecting Telescope

Mirror is used instead of Objective in Reflecting Telescope. The Newtonian telescope is also a Reflecting Telescope.

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