What is the Current Transformer

What is the Current Transformer is going to tell you about the current transformer in this article today a current transformer is a type of instrument transformer.

Also known as CT. Friends, read this article till the end to know about the current transformer. Let’s see What is the Current Transformer

What is Current Transformer
What is Current Transformer

Current Transformer

The current transformer is used to measure the high magnitude of the normal current. This step up transformer. Which see current with a normal ammeter.

What is the Current Transformer

Current Transformer is a device that connects high current value to low current. It is put in HT line according to capacity. And we get the output as per our requirement. That is, the ratio of the current transformer can be selected according to our need.

The ammeter is fitted to measure the current passing through the HT transmission line. It is connected to the secondary side of the current transformer.

Current Transformer is a step up transformer. That is, the value of current is reduced due to the voltage increase in the step up transformer. Likewise, the current transformer reduces the Ampere on the secondary side.”

What is Current Transformer

The ammeter is selected according to the

current transformer. Which connects the value of high current to low current. And it can see the current in the ammeter.

How to create current transformer?

current transformer is made from core silicon still. It has high quality lamination. It maintains accuracy even in high temperatures. It has primary and secondary winding. Which is insulated from core. There is only primary winding single turn. Which remains connected to the main circuit.

Primary winding is made with more turn. Because it reduces the current of the primary winding and gives the output. It is used for measuring and controlling.

current transformer is connected with secondary side meter.

What is voltage stabilizer?

Type of current Transformer

1. Measuring current transformers

2. Protective current transformers

3. Bar Type Current Transformer

4. Wound Type Current Transformer

5. Window Type Current Transformer

Use of current transformer

1. It is used for current measuring.

2. It is used for protection.

3. This electronic circuit is used to control.

4. It is used for isolation.

5. It is used to supply high voltage power.

What is CT Ratio?

It has a ratio of primary current and secondary current. It is called the CT ratio. The CT ratio has a greater capacity than the current passing in the circuit.

Primary side has a capacity of 10 ampere to 3000 ampere. That is, the value of current connecting with primary winding is up to 3000 ampere.

secondary winding consists of 5 ammeter or 1 ammeter. The CT ratio gets to see 3000/5 A, 2000/5 A, 1000/5 A. It has first value primary winding and second value is secondary.

What is Burden in Current Transformer?

There is a difference between current transformer and a power transformer. How many loads can take on the secondary side of the current transformer. He is a mansion. This is called Burden.

The burden of current transformer – when selecting CT. So how much load is going to be on the secondary side. The burden is prepared according to that.

Burden of current transformer is represented in VA (volt Ampere).

Selection of Current Transformer

system voltageFor how much voltage does it have to do the current transformer. This is what he sees.
RatioCT ratio has to be written so that we can use it when needed.
VA Rating/burdenWhat is the load going to be in it It is prepared accordingly.
AccuracyThere are very important factors in it.
Selection of Current Transformer

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