what is the difference between bluetooth and wifi

In today’s post what is the difference between bluetooth and wifi, we will tell you its difference. So Dosto must read our post till the end.

what is the difference between bluetooth and wifi

what is-the-difference-between-bluetooth-and-wifi
what is-the-difference-between-bluetooth-and-wifi

Bluetooth and wifi provide both communications. Whose every internet user and the mobile user is public. These are both devices. Both these devices are used to connect in the digital world. But there is a lot of difference between these two devices. The Bluetooth is connected without cable. And wifi provides the fastest speed internet.

Bluetooth is available in every mobile or devices. This is wireless technology. In which data within 30 fit is connected. It is used more in mobile. That is, Bluetooth is used to exchange data from one device to another. To know more about Bluetooth, please read this post about what is Bluetooth.

If you tell wifi key, most of the network is used to set it. To know more about wifi, read this post of our wifi kya hai.

What is Bluetooth and WiFi? What’s the difference

We will show you how Bluetooth works and how wifi works. Gonna tell you about it

What is bluetooth what does it work

Bluetooth is a communications protocol. Can connect the computer, mobile, digital camera etc. to Bluetooth. In this, radio waves are used to connect a device to a device. A wire is not required to connect this device.

Who made bluetooth

It was invented by Ericsson.

What is wifi what does it work

wifi is a device used to access the Internet or network via radio waves. Its internet speed is very high. The work is done in 10 min. The same work takes 5 min.

Who made wifi

It was invented by Victor Haze.

Difference Between Bluetooth  and Wifi

It provides communications.This is a network set.
It consumes less power.इसमें ज्यादा power को consumes किया जाता है.
A Bluetooth Adapter is a must to connect its devices.It requires a wireless router to be connected to the devices.
Its radio signal range is up to ten meters.Its range is up to 100 meters.
It requires less bandwidth.It requires high bandwidth.
This is not safety.This is security.
Difference Between Bluetooth  and Wifi


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