What is Windows Genuine Advantage?

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Windows Genuine Advantage is a program that checks a window based computer.

What is Windows Genuine Advantage
What is Windows Genuine Advantage

WGA Full Form

Full Form of WGA – Windows Genuine Advantage

Full Form of WGA – Work Group Assistant

WGA Meaning

This means – Windows Genuine Advantage – Windows Genuine Advantage.

What is Windows Genuine Advantage?

After being troubled by the use of all pirated copies of Windows XP in 2006, Microsoft decided to roll out Windows Genuine Advantage. This important window will be installed on your update machine.

What is Genuine vs Pirated window

Now, whenever people go to buy a new computer or laptop. So you get a window in it. Which makes the whole laptop or computer work. You get two types of windows in the market. One is Genuine and the other is a Pirated window. There is a lot of difference in the service of these two.

What is Genuine window?

Genuine window is an operating system. Which is given from the company. It is more expensive than Pirated window. And its service is also good. Its software keeps getting updates from time to time.

What is Pirated window?

Pirated window is a copy of Genuine window. It is also called theft window. Hackers make it by cracking the original window. The company can take legal action on this.

Genuine vs Pirated window

There is a lot of difference between these two. Like:-

The system of the user using the Genuine window remains clean. And the same Pirated window user’s system data gets stolen.

Genuine window has good speed. And the speed of the same Pirated window is not very good.

In Genuine window you get many features and in the same Pirated window you get nothing.

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