xml full form

Do you know what is XML full form? What is XML? In today’s post, we are going to tell you about XML. So friends, definitely read this post to know about XML.

xml full form
xml full form

xml full form

The full form of XML is Extensible Markup Language. This is a Markup Language. XML was discovered by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). When it completes the Limitations of HTML. XML is used to organize and store data.

what is XML?

XML is Extensible Markup Language. The way to write code in XML is the same as HTML. Both XML and HTML tags are used. It is described by using HTML tags. Whenever the content (text, image, etc) of the page is displayed on your screen, the data is stored and managed using the tag in XML.

XML is much easier and customizable than HTML. By using HTML tags, you can create a new tag from XML itself. And you can prepare the structure of the document according to yourself. For this reason, it is called Extensible Language.

Let’s write its code in a different file. And save its file with .extensible. After creating the xml document, it is used to create the database.


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